Binti – ages: 8+

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Film type: Feature film
Ages: 8+
Length: 89′
Year: 2019

Language: Flemish
Subtitles: Greek
Country: Belgium
Director: Frederike Migom

Saturday 23/11 13:45
Athens Concert Hall
(D. Mitropoulos)



Binti is a 12-year-old girl from the Congo, but she has lived all her life in Belgium. She likes to vlog and she wants to become famous like her idol, Tatiana, hoping to achieve this through her vlog: Binti’s Bubble. However, when the police raid her home to deport her and her father back to the Congo, she sees her dream on the verge of collapse. For Binti, there is only one solution: her father must marry the mother of her new friend, Elias, so that they can stay in Belgium. Will her master plan be successful?

After last year’s unforgettable documentary Si-G, director Frederike Migom returns to the Athens International Children’s Film Festival this year with this brilliant feature film.


With the support of the Belgian Embassy.




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