Tweener and other stories (short films for ages 12+)

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Tweener and other stories (short films for ages 12+)

Saturday 8/12 17:15

Sound and Vision

Te and Mi. Two best friends who speak Catalan between them, but also use English, Chinese, Spanish… who needs words anyway? They can’t always see or touch each other but they don’t need to. They are connected by sound, vision and the music of David [...]

Shadow Boxer

Ηλικίες: 12+
Χώρα: Denmark
Γλώσσα: Danish
Υπότιτλοι: Greek
Σκηνοθεσία: Andreas Bøggild Monies
Χρονολογία: 2017
Προβολές: Tweener and other stories

When a professional female boxer is injured on the ring and begins a difficult recovery, her daughter Luna makes it her mission to believe in her mother, even when she is unable to do it for herself. [...]


Ηλικίες: 12+
Χώρα: USA
Γλώσσα: No dialogue
Υπότιτλοι: -
Σκηνοθεσία: Trevor Jimenez
Χρονολογία: 2018
Προβολές: Tweener and other stories

A young boy shuffles back and forth between the homes of his recently divorced parents. Surreal, dream-like moments mix with the domestic realities of a broken up family in this hand-animated film set in 1980s Toronto, directed by an acclaimed Pixar animator, to be submitted [...]


Ηλικίες: 12+
Χώρα: Sweden
Γλώσσα: Swedish
Υπότιτλοι: Greek
Σκηνοθεσία: Julia Thelin
Χρονολογία: 2018
Προβολές: Tweener and other stories

Two 13 year old girls are opponents in wrestling but best friends in life. Their friendship is tested when one is faced with a dilemma. Should she follow her dreams or stay devoted to her best friend? [...]

Το & Kyo

Ηλικίες: 6+
Χώρα: Japan
Γλώσσα: No dialogue
Υπότιτλοι: -
Σκηνοθεσία: Tsuneo Goda
Χρονολογία: 2017
Προβολές: Coucouleurs and other stories

Hidden away in the back alleys of central Tokyo, there is another world inhabited by two tiny purple demons, who spend their days playing tag and jinxing unsuspecting passers by. A fantastic combination of live action and stop motion animation. [...]


Ηλικίες: 8+
Χώρα: Belgium
Γλώσσα: Flemish
Υπότιτλοι: Greek
Σκηνοθεσία: Frederike Migom
Χρονολογία: 2018
Προβολές: Saturday 8/12 15:00

Cansu is a 13-year-old girl living in Brussels, who dreams of becoming a rapper, but doesn’t believe that she could ever become a star. Her rap name is Si-G. When rapper Omar-G approaches her to collaborate on a song, she suddenly finds herself one step [...]