Chuskit – ages: 8+

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Feature film: Feature film
Ages: 8+
Duration: 89′
Year: 2018

Language: Kashmiri
Subtitles: Greek
Country: India
Director: Priya Ramasubban

Saturday 23/11 16:00
Danaos Cinema
(Screening Room 2)



Little Chuskit’s dream to finally go to school is suddenly interrupted, when a horrible accident renders her paraplegic. The little girl is stuck inside the four walls of her house and her only company is her strict grandpa. And, although she holds on to the hope of one day going to school, her grandpa is constantly trying to convince her that a school would not be able to support her special needs. As the conflict with her grandpa gets worse, Chuskits parents and brother cannot pick a side, trapped between the obligation to respect the views of their elders and their desire to encourage the little one. Chuskit must convince her grandpa to embrace her wishes, otherwise she will have to accept a reality that her grandpa has chosen for her.
The film has been awarded with, among others, the Amnesty International Award at Giffoni Film Festival, and promises to move and inspire every single member of the audience.



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