Eighth Grade – ages: 13+

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Eighth Grade

Feature film: Feature film
Ages: 13+
Duration: 93’
Year: 2018

Language: English
Subtitles: Greek
Country: USA
Director: Bo Burnham

Saturday 23/11 16:00
Danaos Cinema
(Screening Room 1)



13-year-old Kayla is a girl full of confidence and good advice for everyone who needs it – at least that’s what she acts like in her online vlogs that she uploads to her YouTube channels, for her tiny audience of subscribers. In real life, however, Kayla is insecure and not particularly sociable (she was awarded “Most Quiet” in her class) and as she gets ready to start eighth grade, her anxiety is getting worse. She decides to expand her social circles, starting with a party she was invited to by a classmate, at the behest of her mother, which leads Kayla to a tumultuous evening.

A brilliant, multi-award-winning feature film (received the Best Original Screenplay Award from the Writers Guild of America and was nominated for a Golden Globe) about the seismic collision of the digital and the real self of a teenage trying to find her place in the world.



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