Film workshop for children aged 5-7

The magic of cinema

Filmmaking workshop for children aged 5-7

One of the key objectives of the festival is to encourage and inspire the creativity of children through cinema.

The Athens International Children’s Film Festival is offering filmmaking workshops for children ages 5+ years old, using a variety of techniques. The workshops will be taught by professionals in small groups of 15 people, with 2 educators per group.

The children will have an opportunity to learn about and experience three main stages/techniques of the filmmaking process: visual effects, sound recording, editing.

The children will star in a film shot against a Green Screen, for visual effects to be added in later. They will wear capes and duel, they will fly through the air on a magic carpet…

They will then record their own voices and embellish their scenes with sound effects.

The third step will be editing: the children will edit their films, replacing the green screen with pictures of their own choice and will finish their films by adding in their choice of music.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Number of participants: 15
Ages: 5 – 7
Team leaders: 2


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