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Los Bando

Type: Feature film
Ages: 9+
Year: 2018

Language: Norwegian
Subtitles: Greek
Country: Norway/Sweden
Director: Christian Lo
Screening time: Saturday 8/12 12:45


Grim and Alex are two best friends who have always dreamed of participating in the Norwegian Rock Championship, with their own band, Los Bando Immortale. When they are finally invited to compete, they feverishly search or a bass player for their band, but their efforts fall flat and they have to resort to 9 year old Tilda… who plays the cello. They get Martin, an older boy, to drive them with his van to the town where the event will be held, not knowing that Martin does not, in fact, have a driving license. With parents and police hot on their tails, their raucous and ramshackle road trip through Norway begins. Will they reach the Championship event in time? A riveting story about chasing dreams and believing in yourself, full of wit and whimsy and, of course, a whole lot of music._


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