Racetime – ages: 6+

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Film type: Feature film
Ages: 6+
Duration: 89′
Year: 2018

Language: English
Subtitles: Greek
Country: Canada
Director: Benoît Godbout, Francois Brichot

Sunday 24/11 13:30
Athens Concert Hall
(D. Mitropoulos)



Four-eyes Franky is a little engineering genius who, for the last five years, has led his friends to great victories in the local sled races. This year, the vehicle of Franky’s design will be driven by Sophie, racing against Charlie, the lonely ginger boy who is new to the village, living with his grandmother. When Sophie spectacularly loses the race, due to sabotage from Charlie’s jealous cousin, Franky wants a rematch… and he has a cunning plan to stop the other team from cheating.

An unstoppable adventure in the snow accompanied by the dulcet tones of songs by Cyndi Lauper!



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