School Programme 3 for ages 10-12 (5th Grade, 6th Grade, 1st Grade Middle School)

School Programme 3 for ages 10-12 (5th Grade, 6th Grade, 1st Grade Middle School)

7 short films (69’ total)


School Trip to the Future

Josephine Ehlert
7’, Germany, 2018
Live Action

Incredible: Greta’s class is going on a school trip to the future next week! But what should she bring with her on this journey? And why are all the grown-ups freaking out over the word “future”?

Past and future, science, imagination, school project, laughter


Space Girls

Carys Watford
9’, United Kingdom, 2018
Live Action

During a sleepover night, four friends who share an obsession with space embark on a secret mission with their paper rocketship.

Space, girls, friendship, imagination, science, astronauts, dreams


3 Feet

Giselle Geney
14’, Colombia, 2018
Live Action

Gonzalo is navigating that labyrinth called school with two contradictory goals: to become a famous football player and come to school every day with clean and polished shoes.

Football, passion for sports, identity, enginuity, perseverance



Jola Bánkowska
5’ Poland, 2019

These days, everyone’s life is a story on social media. But could it be that, actually, a lot of people feel alone, lost or indifferent towards real life?

Social media, loneliness, digital vs. real life



 Eef Hilgers
16’, Netherlands, 2018
Live Action – Documentary

In this documentary we login to the internet journey of 13-year-old Rosalie, who is a victim of cyberbullying by her classmates and hopes to find help online, by documenting her experiences in a vlog. Perhaps through this process, the digital world can be transformed from enemy to ally.

YouTube, bullying/cyberbullying, confession, digital age, screens



Jorge Yúdice
5’, Spain, 2019
Live Action

Alicia is secretly watching her son’s YouTube gaming channel. This time, his subscribers are asking him personal questions and when the conversation turns to the subject of his parents, with whom he doesn’t speak anymore, the atmosphere changes.

Identity, parents, YouTube, mother and son, acceptance


There Is No Love Stronger Than Ours

 Laure Bourdon Zarader
13’, France, 2018
Live Action

Pauline and Noam are crazy in love. When Pauline’s mother announces that they will be moving to Paris, Pauline refuses to lose Noam and decides not to leave. But Pauline is barely 10 years old…

Children in love, divorce, moving house, Moonrise Kingdom