School Programme 4 for ages 13 – 16 (2nd Middle School, 3rd Middle School, 1st High School)

School Programme 4 for ages 13 - 16 (2nd Middle School, 3rd Middle School, 1st High School)

 5 short films (63’ total)



Catharine Parke
10’, Canada, 2018
Live Action

Under pressure from the daily demands and social life of her school, a young girl finds refuge in taking up a dangerous habit – until her best friend discovers her secret.

Girls, friendship, taboo, school, self-harm, mental health, helping


Grand Hotel Barbes

Ramzi Ben Silman
12’, France, 2019
Live Action

A 20-year-old Parisian bumps into none other than Mozart himself. The Austrian composer could save his life… in exchange for a dance

Breakdance, urban life, multicultural communities, classical music/ballet



Daria Kashcheeva
14’, Czech Republic, 2019
Stop-motion Animation

Should you hide your pain? Should you isolate yourself from the rest of the world and run away from yourself, desperately seeking signs of love from your parents? Or should you show compassion and forgiveness before it’s too late?

Imagination, family relationships, loss


Our life as refugee children in Europe

Silvia Venegas
15’, Spain, 2018
Live Action – Documentary

The brave testimonies of children and young people who live as refugees in a refugee camp in Greece while waiting for Sweden to give the green light for passage – and for a life full of hope, far away from the war.

Refugees, war, dreams


Little Waves

Ariane Louis-Seize
12’, Canada, 2018
Live Action

During a family gathering, Amelie feels neglected for the first time by her favourite cousin, who has brought along his new girlfriend. Observing their affections with each other, she allows her fantasies to take her over.

Girl, romantic awakening, fantasies, desire, jealousy