Sune vs Sune – ages: 8+

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Sune vs Sune

Film type: Feature film
Ages: 8+
Duration: 89′
Year: 2018

Language: Sweedish
Subtitles: Greek
Country: Sweden/Denmark
Director: Jon Holmberg

Sunday 24/11 18:15
Athens Concert Hall
(D. Mitropoulos)



After a summer full of fantastic adventures with his little brother and his best friend Sophie, Sune returns to school to start 4th Grade only to face an unpleasant surprise: a new classmate who is not only talented, popular and American, but is also called Sune. However, Sune deploys his little brother’s formidable imagination to help keep Sophie close, as she has become enamoured with Sune’s new nemesis, who happens to also be her new co-star in the school play. The consequences of Sune’s “transformation” promise to give us an entertaining comedy while audiences of all ages will relate to the universal fear of not being good enough.

The film is based on a popular novel series from Sweden.



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