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The Incredible Story Of The Giant Pear

Type: Feature film
Ages: 4+
Year: 2017

Country: Greek
Subtitles: -
Country: Denmark
Director: Philip Einstein Lipski, Jørgen Lerdam, Amalie Næsby Fick
Screening time: Saturday 8/12 15:30


The elephant Sebastian and his best friend, a cat called Mitcho, live in the cozy coastal village Sunnytown. Here all is happiness until one day the beloved mayor of the village, JB, disappears! While fishing, Mitcho catches a message in a bottle from JB, who writes that he is stranded on a Mysterious Island and they should come and find him and get him back. Also in the bottle is a small seed, which they plant, and during the night a giant pear grows from it! The pear is built into a ship in which Sebastian, Mitcho and a sidekick of a funny Professor Glucose sail out on a dangerous adventure with pirates, a sea dragon and curious ghosts. It takes all of their courage, but nothing can stop our two friends — they are determined to find the Mysterious Island and return home with JB._


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