Vitello – ages: 8+

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Βιτέλλο (Vitello)

Film type: Feature film
Ages: 8+
Duration: 72′
Year: 2018

Language: English
Subtitles: Greek
Country: Denmark
Director: Dorte Bengtson

Saturday 23/11 18:00
Athens Concert Hall
(D. Mitropoulos)



Vitello lives with his mother in a small house and, by and large, he’s doing well: he eats a lot of spaghetti with butter and shredded cheese, he has two very annoying best friends and he’s friends with William, the spoiled brat. There is, however, a problem: Vitello doesn’t have a father. Or rather, he does have one, but he doesn’t know who he might be. His mother describes the father as “a scoundrel” and refuses to reveal anything else about him, but Vitello is not satisfied and resolves to track him down. But, when he does, he discovers him to be someone he would never have expected… Yet another cinematic adaptation of the popular Danish series of novels which manages too keep young audiences on the edge of their seats, looking for the next new adventure from the popular little rapscallion.



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